This system is designed to alleviate the need for an attorney to come to court simply to announce that he or she is "ready for trial" and have the case placed "on call." This system will accept unqualified ready announcements from registered attorneys only. If any party needs a continuance or other court intervention, they still need to come to court to request those things on the record and in the presence of the State. This system is designed to keep down costs in an already overburdened criminal justice system. Not only is this a convenience for the Bar, Cobb County taxpayers will be saved the expense of paying for the expense of having lawyers representing indigent defendants appear at calendar call. The Sheriff can conserve resources by not bringing defendants in their custody to court if their attorney has already announced using this system. For this reason, the calendar will be closed and printed at 2:00 PM the business day preceding the call of the calendar, so the Sheriff’s office can update their list of inmates for transport. If this cutoff is missed, counsel will need to appear in person to make their announcement.


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